Kyle Alexander Thompson

Translator/Game Designer/Podcaster/YouTuber


My Work

I work in a number of areas, providing J->E translation services, writing tabletop RPGs, streaming and uploading game related content to Youtube, and podcasting on technology and politics.

J->E Translation

I have done Japanese to English translation work on video games, press releases, EULAs, and software manuals. My best known work is on *Front Mission 2* and *Front Mission 5* in the Front Mission Fan Translation Project.

Tabletop RPG Design

I write Tabletop Role Playing Games and modules. I have written an unofficial tabletop adaptation of Bloodborne by From Software called Yharnam Shadows and ported Ryuutama, a Japanese Tabletop RPG, to the Powered by the Apocalypse system. I have an upcoming adventure module for Macchiato Monsters called To the Halls of the Storm Lord awaiting publication in The Gauntlet's monthly publication Codex.


I am a co-host on the popular "Podcast of the Cybernetic Marxists" General Intellect Unit, where I use the research I did during my doctoral studies at Kyoto University to talk about economics, technology, design, and politics.


I produce Let's Plays, design streams, tutorial videos, and RPG actual play videos for my YouTube channel. Some of my best known videos are my translator's Let's Play of Front Mission 5: Scars of the War, my tutorial series on the rules of the popular tabletop RPG Blades in the Dark, and a video explaining the concepts behind the educational game Crisis Theory. You can find links to these videos below.